Ryzen 5600x vs 3700x

ryzen 5600x vs 3700x

With the launch of the AMD Ryzen 3000 series, the battle for top performing CPU has never been more competitive. The AMD Ryzen 7 3700x and Ryzen 5 3600x have been able to take the title of being the new “Best CPU” in the market. However, with the two Ryzen 5600x vs 3700x  platforms evenly … Read more

ryzen 7 3700x vs 5 5600x

ryzen 7 3700x vs 5 5600x

AMD’s new Ryzen 3000 series of processors represent a new era of PC performance. A time when even more people can enjoy smooth frame rates in the latest games, beautiful visual experiences, and quality performance in any task they choose. These processors were made with gamers and content creators in mind and they come in … Read more

Ryzen 7 3600x

ryzen 7 3600x

AMD has revealed their latest flagship desktop processor, the Ryzen 9 3900X. There are a lot of improvements in this chip over the previous generation.choice for gaming. But the introduction of Ryzen changed that image. Last year, AMD released the new Ryzen 7 2700X as the successor to the 2700.This processor was released during the … Read more

Ryzen 7 3700x vs Ryzen 5 5600x

ryzen 7 3700x vs ryzen 5 5600x

This article compares the performance of AMD’s new 2nd gen Ryzen 7 3700x vs Ryzen 5 5600x processors with their first generation Ryzen 7 1800X and Ryzen 5 1600X predecessors based on a wide array of tech specs, including raw processor & graphics performance, features, and pricing. When it comes to the best processors in … Read more

Ryzen 5 5600x vs ryzen 7 3700x

Ryzen 5 5600x vs ryzen 7 3700x

The launch of the Ryzen 5 5800x and Ryzen 7 3800x at CES 2019 was big news. For the first time AMD is giving exposure to the mid-range market with their latest CPUs. With the inclusion of 12-core and 24-core CPUs in the Ryzen 3000 range, there is a lot of speculation about whether the … Read more

Best motherboard for ryzen 5 5600x

Best motherboard for ryzen 5 5600x

We have brought up below a list of Best motherboard for ryzen 5 5600x which are best suited for Ryzen 5 5600x. These are: Gigabyte Aorus Elite, ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming and MSI MEG X570 ACE. The Gigabyte Aorus Elite is designed with a 3D forged heat spreader that features 3D vapor chamber technology. … Read more

What is the best ryzen cpu

best ryzen cpu

In this blog we will be looking at all the different options that you have when it comes to choosing the best ryzen cpu for your PC build. Here we will look at some of the key features that you should look out for and the main things that you need to take into consideration … Read more

Ryzen 5 3600 vs ryzen 7 3700x

Ryzen 5 3600 vs ryzen 7 3700x

Ryzen 5 3600 vs ryzen 7 3700x was one of the key players in the last couple of years of the CPU market. The company took the global market share from Intel and was able to compete against it. Over the last couple of years, though, Intel has been using its process advantage to bring … Read more

Is Ryzen a good processor?

“AMD’s new Ryzen processors are designed to offer a premium PC experience, but is that what they really do? It depends on who you ask. The AMD CPUs have been heralded for their GPU and gaming performance, while the company has faced criticism for its lackluster performance in other areas like video encoding and multitasking. … Read more

Which processor is better for laptop?

The debate has been going on for years, which processor is better? Intel or AMD? There are many factors to consider when making this decision. The first thing to discuss is the operating system. If you’re using a Windows PC with an Intel processor and want to use Linux, then it’s best if you switch … Read more